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Breast Surgery

Is there any solution for large and saggy breasts?

Increase in size of breast not only become socially embarrassing but also cause many physical problems like pain in neck and shoulders and skin rashes under breasts. In such cases the size of the breasts is reduced which automatically lifts the breast. It is called “Breast Reduction”. In some cases Liposuction alone may work.

In case of saggy breasts with normal size, the breasts are lifted without reducing size. It is called “Breast Lift”.

Is the asymmetry in the size and shape of Breast correctable?

Yes, after examination the Plastic Surgeon plans the surgery and such deformities are corrected by the proper use of one or more of above mentioned techniques.

What is treatment for increased Breast size in males?

In such cases Liposuction alone or surgical removal of breast tissue is done, depending whether it’s more of fat or breast tissue present in breast.