What is the treatment for cleft lip and palate and what is appropriate age for these surgeries?  

Plastic Surgery is a miraculous surgery and all types of congenital deformities can be corrected by Plastic Surgery. Although cleft lip and palate surgery can be done at any age but it’s very important that cleft lip surgery should be done at 3 months and palate should be repaired between ages of 9 to 18 months to achieve best results. Especially in case of palate surgery, delay can lead to severe type of speech problems for the rest of life.

Similarly congenital deformities of ear, nose and other parts of face, hand and body especially prominent ears can also be corrected.

Skin marks present at birth like moles, birth marks (haemangiomas) can be removed by plastic surgery. It’s very important that parents should seek the advice of a qualified and well trained Plastic Surgeon because in some cases its better to wait, rather that operating the patient immediately.