Welcome to our plastic surgery center where patients come to receive among the best tummy tuck in Lahore, Pakistan, have to offer. Headed by qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Imran Riaz, the center serves both male and female clients who want to acquire the flat abdomen of their dreams. Diet and workout won’t shrink skin and muscle that is stretched from pregnancy, age or weight gain. Tummy tuck specialist Dr. Imran Riaz can help you with these issues, providing superb results.

Dr. Imran’s skillful placement of incisions to minimize scarring has drawn hundreds of people to his center to receive belly operation. This surgery not only requires extraordinary surgical skill, but also requires experience of the surgeon to select the right procedure for you.

The main factors which matters are the amount of excess skin and fat and the degree of laxity of the underlying muscles. Patients who have lost a great deal of weight usually require high lateral tension tummy tuck operation after weight loss.

Those who have very minimal excess skin and good muscle tone usually do very well with a simple Mini tummy tuck. This procedure removes excess skin and fat using a very small incision just over the pubic area.

Tummy Tuck before and after
Tummy Tuck before and after

A standard tummy operation has a longer incision, which is placed very low on the abdomen. The underlying muscles are tightened and excess sagging skin and fat is removed. Liposuction may also be used to sculpt the hips and flanks so the effect is smooth and natural-looking.

Dr. Imran Riaz, one of best doctor for tummy tuck in Lahore will go over the many options available at his center, while helping you to understand what each procedure will address and what to expect as you recover. An experienced tummy tuck specialist who has performed a large no. of tummy tuck procedures, Dr. Imran Riaz can help you achieve the flat abdomen of your dreams.


One reason this procedure continues to grow in popularity with both men and women is because of the dramatic difference it provides to the abdominal area.

But who is a good candidate? Many patients, like all of us, have stubborn areas of sagging skin and excess fat in the stomach area that diet and exercise just aren’t able to address. Maybe you have worked hard to lose that weight over time and you just need help to achieve the flat, toned stomach you have earned.

Though you love your babies, past pregnancies might have left you with sagging skin and stretch marks. That sagging stomach could be hereditary or because of age, so no matter how much you diet and do your crunches, that area just won’t budge. There are many reasons patients like you meet with Dr. Imran Riaz to explore their options and discuss in Dr. Imran’s Cosmetic and Surgi Center for having a tummy tuck in Lahore.

Tummy tuck treatment  can address many issues from simple sagging skin, to more major issues such as repairing and reattaching torn abdominal muscles, repairing hernias in the abdomen and re-contouring a patient’s waistline while lifting the thigh and buttock areas. During a consultation with Dr. Imran Riaz, you will be able to discuss what you would like to achieve when you have an abdominoplasty.

It is important that the surgeon and patient are in agreement with the procedure to be done, the placement of the scar and most importantly, the overall goal for the procedure. He has thousands of before and after photos that can help take some of the mystery out of the outcome. He enjoys showing his work and helping people look their absolute best.


1. Tummy tuck on obese patients?

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) can be safely performed in obese patients, with no increase in complications compared to non-obese patients.

2. Tummy tuck after gastric sleeve?

Usually you want to be at least one year out and at a stable weight after gastric sleeve procedure

3. C section after tummy tuck

Women considering a tummy tuck after pregnancy should not be anticipating more pregnancies. If pregnancy occurs after a tummy tuck, the procedure will likely have to be redone. Belly tuck shouldn’t be planned any earlier than 6 months after delivery to allow the body to fully recover from the effects of pregnancy.

4. Stomach not flat after a tummy tuck

Sometimes people do not have a totally flat abdomen after tummy tuck even though the excess skin and fat is removed due to the fact that the intra-abdominal fat  remain intact behind the tightened abdominal muscles.

5. What is tummy tuck cost in Pakistan?

Usually belly operation i.e. tummy tuck procedure cost ranges anywhere from PKR 15,0000 to PKR 350,000. Tummy Tuck pricing generally includes surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, surgical facility, staff, pre- and post-operative appointments as well as an abdominoplasty compression belt.