Gynecomastia means enlarged male boobs, creating an overly feminine appearance. Though the exact reason is not known, it may develop due to abnormal hormone levels, congenital factors, and glandular disorders or due to the use of some medications.

Gynecomastia can create a great deal of emotional distress, causing many men to feel self-conscious about their looks and lose their self-confidence. Fortunately, Dr. Imran Riaz, Gynecomastia surgeon at Dr. Imran’s cosmetic surgi center near you, has been very successful in treating the condition in a large no. of patients, through a specialized procedure called gynecomastia removal surgery, also known as male boob reduction surgery.

In this way you are able to get rid of gynecomastia and get a muscular and well-defined chest that restores both a more masculine appearance and renewed confidence, with among the most effective male breast reduction in Lahore, Pakistan.

Gynecomastia Operation

Gynecomastia surgery before and after

Dr. Imran Riaz will first administer local and/or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety. He will then make a precise incision along the border of your areola, the dark skin around the nipple, and excise excess breast tissue from the area. Depending on the amount of surplus fat present, he may also perform liposuction to remove any remaining volume and blend the contours of the chest to ensure a natural overall appearance.

After removing all problematic fat and tissue, Dr. Imran Riaz will close the incisions with dissolvable stitches to minimize any scarring. The results of your procedure will be visible immediately, and they will continue to improve as you progress through the healing process, eventually revealing a defined and masculine chest.

Dr. Imran Riaz, an expert and best plastic surgeon in Lahore uses a technique where the bulk of the fat and breast mass is first removed through small stab incisions in the arm pit by liposuction. Once the chest volume has been significantly reduced, the remaining breast gland is teased out through a small one-half inch incision hidden in the areola.

Who is candidate for man boob reduction surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is a serious procedure, and complications can arise if it’s not performed properly. That’s why it’s important to select a specialist you can trust for your surgery – preferably Post graduate surgeon in Plastic Surgery with a proven track record helping men achieve their ideal bodies. To get started, Dr. Imran Riaz invites you to visit his center for a private consultation, at which point he will carefully evaluate your breasts and plan a custom surgical plan designed to eliminate your extra chest fat and breast tissue for good and achieve the ideal, masculine appearance you deserve.

What is cost of man boob reduction surgery?

As regard charges of men’s chest fat removal are ranging between Rs.50,000 to Rs.120,000  PKR depending  on the condition of patients.  

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