Acne Scare Treatment

Do you see your acne scars every day when you look in the mirror?

Do you wish your acne scars were gone?

While most people will “outgrow” acne, many will have acne continue into adulthood and can be a lifelong problem. When scarring occurs, especially acne scars on the face, it can be quite noticeable..

Acne Scar Treatments

Acne scars can be treated with many different methods depending on how severe they are, the number, and the locations. While we would love for complete acne scar removal, the real goal of the best acne scar treatment is dramatic improvement.

Post acne scars are not improved by lasers and micro dermabrasion. PRP and fillers are also not effective and patients end up in frustration after spending time and money for multiple sessions.

Dermabrasion is the only treatment with promising results.  It’s an office procedure and single or two sessions suffice to give a smoother skin. Each session costs 45,000 PKR.